Happy Passover!

Hi everyone,

I’m just taking some time out of promoting my EP to wish you a very happy #Passover2021.

If you want to listen it’s below, it’s based on the imagery of sexual intimacy from Song of Songs and a personal crisis Jesus helped me through

I celebrated Passover with my mother (we are in the same family bubble).

Anyway, it was really fun. Sourcing the ingredients was difficult because the whole world was buying Unleavened Bread and we didn’t think to get some more than a couple of days before, whoops! Thankfully I have Amazon Prime or else it would have only come now.

We (I… who was in charge of the Seder) made some mistakes during the Seder and had to Google things part way through… Lol 🤣 but we had fun.

Well roll on Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

How was your Passover? 😊

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