SPECIAL EDITION: My thoughts on #GeorgeFloyd #policebrutality #police #blacklivesmatter #GeorgeFloydProtests #GeorgeFloydMurder #Christianity


Firstly I am going back to putting out new blog posts every Thursday at 8pm GMT. Now to the body of the post…..


I realised that I never put out a statement about George Floyd on my blog.

I would just like to offer my condolences to his family especially his beautiful little girl who is now growing up without a father.

I absolutely do not condone or support the violent MURDER of George Floyd.

One thing that I have noticed from all the footage and stories being told is how fundamentally racist, untrustworthy and frankly dangerous the USA police are.

To be honest I have to go to the USA for my PhD research and some other reasons as well but I now don’t really want to do that. I am genuinely thinking about how I can get away with not going there, as I am genuinely scared of going to the USA right now and it’s not because of COVID-19 *cough* Trump *cough*.

I was thinking about moving there at one point but what if I settle down and have a son and my son takes after my mothers side of the family and is dark skinned? Also, I am brown, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? lol. I will have to “the talk” with him (and myself) about not resisting the police and then I will have to tell him that George Floyd didn’t resist but he was still murdered …. 😦 Whenever he goes out, I would be scared for him. Will he get arrested for no reason? Will he actually come back at the end of the day? Will he get equality in schooling/university? More to the point,

Will he come back alive at the end of the day?…

I’ve watched the police in video clips beating the stuffing out of ethnic minorities.

I’m sorry but this crap has been going on for ages and the politicians did nothing substantive. The chiefs of police did nothing. Subsequent presidents did nothing. The major Christian musicians, churches and influencers have either not done enough or nothing at all. This stupidness has been going on for ages unbeknown to myself yet all the years I have been listening to the output of major white Christian agents (musicians, mega church pastors, influencers) and I haven’t heard major attempts at sermon series tackling racism from the major white Christian agents either.

Yes you…

I’m talking to you sunshine…

No I’m not talking about somebody else. I am talking to you. Do take this personally.

THIS IS A MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE AND DEALING WITH IT IS PART OF PASTORAL CARE, ITS YOUR JOB AS A PASTOR AND YOUR DUTY AS A CHRISTIAN INFLUENCER TO KEEP ABREAST OF THESE KINDS OF ISSUES AND ADDRESS THESE ISSUES BEFORE PEOPLE DIE. Surely you people knew what your police were doing to ethnic minorities?…. Even I knew I just didn’t know how bad it was. Where were you people? You knew this was going on? Where were your books? Where were your sermons? Where were your songs? WHERE WAS YOUR MOOOONNEEEEEYYYYY?????


This police brutality is absolutely the USA’s dirty little secret. They say the Russians are this that and the other. Well guess what, there is no difference between what their police are doing and or allowing and what the police of the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans do. It’s just the USA has the FRONT to pretend to be some kind of international universal standard and bastion of morality and YOU’RE NOT!

The USA government is hypocritical and will not fully admit they have problems or fully disclose the extent of the police brutality and the systemic racism present in the USA police.

DEAL WITH YOUR PROBLEMS America, the protesters are not your enemy. DEAL WITH THE REAL PROBLEM.

The USA justice system has absolutely no credibility in my eyes. You hear all these stories of people saying that they are in prison and they didn’t do it and the police framed them or the police beat a confession out of them etc. I used to think yeah yeah yeah. BUT NOW!!! I think all of those cases need to be revisited. How many people have been electrocuted, given lethal injections (hung or however else the USA executes people) who were innocent? Damn you…

(obviously this rant excludes all the hard working, decent people who have been campaigning all this time and those who genuinely didn’t know but when they found out galvanised best they could or those who have been campaigning all this but were not well known like that poor old white gentleman who the police shoved over and cracked open his head).


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