The Weather Is Great!

A bit of escapism today! I don’t know about anybody else but I’ve been sooo hot this week. Similar to the weather of Barbados where the feature image of this post was taken with me wearing that rather fetching hat I got in Sri Lanka 😁. Anyway, I work from home and it has been boiling inside.

I have windows open and have even had to put the fan on can you believe it?!!!?

I kind of miss the cold in a way because you can always make yourself warmer but you can only take off so many layers before you get to skin…

…and then you can’t take off your skin so once you’re down to that layer and you’re still hot well you’re just going to remain hot lol.

In the winter however! You can add layers, you can drink hot chocolate…

…and you can put a fan heater on. The thing about fan heaters or heaters of all kinds in general is that they are the most efficient form of air conditioning and let me tell you why.

When you have a heater whether it be a fan heater of whatever, in order for it to work the parts move and electric current flows through the element inside.

The by product of the movement and the current flowing is always going to be heat and it will only ever generate more heat which is what you want it to do.

Cold air conditioning must not only product cold air but it also has to produce cold enough air to cool itself down and counteract the heating caused by an electric current and movement.

Therefore, it is a more inefficient process, therefore, requiring more power to run and therefore… more money.

Physics lesson over, class dismissed!!

See you next week xxxx

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