Sometimes You Just Have To Have A Spine

Hey everyone,

Sometimes things don’t look, smell or sound right. That’s when you need to take action.

Anger is not always a bad thing. It’s there to show you that something is wrong. Cognitive Dissonance, that uncomfortable feeling you have in your mind that something doesn’t feel right, don’t ignore it.

Being angry is about a situation means that something is wrong. You are not a bad person, not always, you’re just frustrated by what you can see has gotten out of control and requires restraint and order.

Unless of course you’re angry at your wife etc and you beat her for it. That’s not acceptable.

Anyway, in times when you are experiencing anger over a situation. Wait till you calm down and really stop to think and judge the situation. Is this the correct, social, ideological, financial, religious, relationship, educational or employment situation for me?

Really sit and judge what is going on in your life.


It’s not holy to let things fester and get worse.

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